1. Maine wedding photographers Focus Photography photograph your ceremony and reception in New England, New Hampshire, and Maine


    Romantic Wedding Photography

    You'll love the way you look in your wedding pictures because we know how to light, pose, and direct people of every age and body type to emphasize their assets, and minimize what they don't like. You'll never hesitate to show people your wedding album or gallery! Click Here To Learn More.

  2. Maine wedding photographers Focus Photography photograph your ceremony and reception in New England, New Hampshire, and Maine


    Couples and Engagement Portraits

    Location sessions like this one show your connection inside a piece of art, with the emphasis less directly on you. Click Here To Learn About Couples' Sessions.

  3. Newborn and baby photography studio sepcializing in family and baby pictures


    Baby Pictures

    While we'll also take compelling images of just your baby, we're known for our relationship images, that show the child your baby will become that they were always loved. Click Here For Babies.

  4. Contemporary family portraits on the coast of Maine and in our family photography studio



    The coastline of Maine creates a great backdrop for a family portrait. Our Family Page.

  5. cool senior pictures for current high school juniors and rising seniors for graduation portraits at the beach, in the park, or in our senior photography studio.



    We offer high school seniors a chance to express who they are, and who they want to become. At the beach, in the park, or at our senior photography studio in Portland Maine. Click Here For Our Senior Gallery.

  6. your headshot is your brand, and a professional image is what we produce


    Personal Branding

    Whether for professional promotions; corporate marketing; auditions and porfolios; or just for social sites, the image you show people is the image they'll remember. Your Image Is Your Brand!

  1. Senior portraits at the beach, in the park, or inside the lighting lab at our senior photography studio in Maine



    We offer senior sessions at the beach, the park, Fort Williams, in Downtown Portland, and even in your own backyard in addition to having a senior portrait studio. Cool Senior Pictures In Maine.

  2. Contemporary family portrait photography studio located in Maine



    Timeless color portraits of your family taken in our studio will give you the certainty of your family's bond, and show that what matters most to you is the people that you love. Our Family Page

  3. Wedding photography in Maine, New Hampshire, New England, and beyond.  Destination wedding photographers available to travel



    Weddings are about the best themes in life: beauty and purity; gratitude and respect; success and prosperity; love and connection. These are grand motifs - they deserve a grand vision.

  4. Engagement pictures and couples in love.  Couples photography on the coast of Maine, or in our engagement photography studio.



    Now that you've found the one for you, it's time to let the world know. Show Your Friends And Family Who You Are As A Couple!

  5. expecting couples and pregnant bellies with soft feminine fabrics and sensual lighting make our studio a top choice for maternity pictures in Maine

    Belly Bumps

    Expecting Parents

    Don't remember your pregnancy by selfies in the bathroom, but through portraits that commemorate the joy of expecting a child, and the miraculous transformation of your body. Do It Right.

  6. We are a full service baby photography studio specializing in artistic newborn pictures in Maine



    Throughout your baby's first year there are many times you'll want to have your baby photographed. You'll never frame your cell phone snaps, but a portrait that shows baby's expressions and size is something parents treasure forever. We're A Full-Service Baby Photography Studio.

Focus Photography

Contemporary weddings and portraits in Portland, Maine

Who We Are

Focus Photography is a boutique wedding and photography studio on Commercial Street in Portland.

You've no doubt driven past our studio many times, and wondered about the giant pictures in the windows of our building - we hear that comment from people all the time when they realize those images are our showroom.

Now we'd like to invite you to come in to our studio, both here on the web, and in the real world, so we can give you a tour of what we do.

If you cherish images of your family that make you feel warm and connected; if you need images of yourself that highlight your best features; and if you value artwork you'll be proud to display in your home - Welcome.

What We Do

We're award-winning Maine wedding photographers (we won the Wedding Album of the Year award in Maine two years in a row!). We work weddings throughout New England and beyond, and would love to talk with you about yours. We also work with both newly-engaged couples, as well as married couples for our romantic photography.

We're contemporary family portrait photographers who create environmental portraits on the coast of Maine, black and white relationship pictures of your family in our studio, as well as timeless color family portraits.

We're a baby and belly photography studio, with a signature Fine Art black and white style.

And we're senior portrait photographers, able to use our experience with fashion and models to offer the most unique high school senior pictures in New England.